8 paintings 100x100cm each, oil on canvas. Above are the 4 "tails". See below for the 4 "heads".

This collection came about at a time I was moving away from sculpture to concentrate on painting. I did a photo shoot with Margarita dancing Flamenco in a field outside Bath, UK, and used the pics as my reference for a sculpture entitled "After Margarita". Later, I was looking through the photos with my friend, artist Laura Lian, and she suggested they would make good paintings. I agreed and this collection, "Too Many Margaritas", became one of my earliest works. It was purchased by a Sydney collector who has since taken it with him to the US, where he now lives.

bove: "Too Many Margaritas", Bondi residence, Sydney Australia

Above: "Too Many Margaritas" (tails) in the lounge of the Bondi residence, Sydney Australia Below: signing and hanging the paintings.

Below: "Too Many Margaritas" (heads) hanging in the stairwell of the Bondi residence, Sydney Australia

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