Jackie O'Connor-Smith, UK
I'm so ridiculously happy with my fabulous gift [commissioned by her husband]. Not only is my DB [David Bowie] an amazing piece of art but the circumstances involved make it extra special. Thank you Barry.


Peter Hall AM, Chairman, Hunter Hall Investment Management Ltd, UK

Hi Barry ... I just wanted you to know that your fabulous portrait of John Lennon has pride of place in our home! It brings joy and delight to us every day!"

 John Widmann, UK

Barry, I love your work!! I have a John Lennon Canvas #276/295 and would love to get the George Harrison as well. 


Rachel Roxburgh, Dallaglio Foundation, UK

Hi Barry, Your paintings raised the most out of all our auction lots so a huge thank you.  We also sold another 23 [Novis] prints.


James Jennings, UK

Dear Barry ...  I enjoyed supporting the Free Tibet campaign art auction and was so pleased to find myself the new owner of your wonderful John Lennon piece. I'm a big fan of the Beatles and John Lennon. I would love to join one of your shows and would be delighted to meet you in person... perhaps you may even consider working on a commissioned piece some time for me? Thanks again.


Jimena Gomez Paratcha (partner of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin), UK 

We both really liked your painting [of Jimmy]; it's amazing... Your Robert Plant one is fabulous as well. I think you're definitely on a roll!!! Warmest wishes for you


Vicki Taylor, PA to Coldplay, London

The band [Coldplay] actually bought the painting as a whole ... Jonny has it .. Good luck with your book. 


Peter Hall, London

Thanks Barry. Still loving my John Lennon which gets lots of admiring comments from friends. Peter

And again on 09/07/2004: Thanks Barry - I love your work. Best wishes and keep it moving! 


Wain Powell, UK

Dear Mr  Novis ... I bought four of your prints last night (at a Christie’s auction in London) and I really like your work. I would like Marilyn Monroe, Steve McQueen and Princess Diana. Keep painting, regards, Wain Powell


Tom Scott, UK

Barry, Many thanks for this. Now I have the Lennon at home it looks fantastic - even better than I had hoped ... Let's keep in touch. I really enjoyed meeting you. All the best, Tom


Peter Ellis, London (Peter owns a print of Jimmy Page)

Barry ... Some of your pictures now adorn a local eatery to me, The Clarendon at Chandlers Cross – which pleases me. 


Jonathon Watts, London

Barry, Thank you so much for the painting that my wife commissioned to celebrate my 50th birthday. Everyone admires it.


Deborah Cooper, Armagh City, Ireland. Business Development Manager, AnswerCall Direct

It was a pleasure to meet you ... We are delighted with the portrait, as we mentioned it will take pride of place at the new purpose built centre in Armagh City ... I do hope you will be our guest and unveil the portrait at the official opening.


Chris Kelly, Northern Ireland

I was the lucky bidder to acquire the David Beckham portrait in the recent auction online.  I've been told that David Beckham is going to sign the painting in July. Whilst intending no disrespect to David, I'm concerned that signing the painting might detract from it or devalue it in some way. What are your feelings on the subject?


Christopher Holder, London

I love the John Lennon ... Perhaps when you are next heading to London you could give me a call and we could try and meet up. In the meantime, every best wish and carry on the good work.

Gordon McLellan, London

I have admired for a long time the fantastic "It's Great, Britain" art in the Clarendon in Chandlers Cross and am keen to know if there is any opportunity of me purchasing oil on canvas or prints like these from you? Very much look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Gordon McLellan


Josie McDonough, Liverpool, UK

Could you tell me where I can buy a copy of the George Harrison oil on cotton print? I bought the John Lennon print in Liverpool and would love to have its 'twin' for my birthday. 


Martin Smith, Hamburg, Germany (Martin bought 3 paintings at the Dallaglio auction)

I live in Hamburg, Germany and as yet, have not taken delivery of the paintings. Very excited though and can’t wait to see if I can hang all three at home!!  The John Lennon painting will definitely go up as my better half is from Liverpool. Best regards and my praise for your generosity toward so many good causes.

Barry Novis
Artist Barry Novis with his Jimmy Page painting
Barry Novis artist